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The Heart of Our Updates Will Feature Our Work With Tracy Twyman.S.B. Alger & James E. Maiden produced the “Variety Show & Livestream'' called “Rx ONLY PICTURESHOW!” from April 11th 2018 until November 26th 2019.Starting with episode #27, Tracy R. Twyman joined us--worked with us--read aloud for us, and usually astonished us! She was with us almost every week ‘on air’, presenting original research and having conversations with both of us, and also with our featured guests.On July 9th, 2019 she passed from this world. Our lives will never be the same. Please add your name and email below to receive exclusive updates about future edits or broadcasts and other details concerning Rx Only PICTURESHOW and our friend Tracy R. Twyman.

First There Was PICTURESHOW & Then It Was GONE!

Rx Only PICTURESHOW was started--one week after April Fools Day in 2018--When S.B. Alger & his friend JEM decided to produce a weekly variety and conspiracy live-stream.S.B. had "debated Flat Earth" against Jean-François Gariépy the week before--on Andy Warski's youtube channel--and both S.B. and JEM agreed that they'd "Caught the Livestreaming Bug" and needed to have a show of their own.Near the end of 2019, after 65 episodes, (and some cancellations, and some re-runs),
S.B. called it quits due to personal issues and PICTURESHOW came to an abrupt end.
A lot of good things have happened since! You can find S.B. & JEM on the 2nd link listed below!Below you will find various information about the show. You’ll find:
♠A Playlist of Every Show We Ever Did with Tracy Twyman
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♠Links to the Memorial Live Stream with Aeon Byte LIVE & Occult Fan
♠Article Covering Tracy's Mysterious Death, By Steve Outrim of Burners.me

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We were called the Weirdest Stream on YOUTUBE!

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This totally looks like one of those spots where sneaky businesses put all their disclaimers and add explanations for the hidden asterisks, exclusions to their offers, references to things they had to add because they're lawyers told them they couldn't put it up without the disclaimers and protections against liability and all that.Well we don't have any of that stuff! (Not yet anyway...) We were just two guys who work full time--love art and entertainment--and decided on a whim to produce a fun variety show. It was fun while it lasted--and--we've had a lot of challenges! We've had some tragedy and hard times, but we're pushing forward and we'd love for you to join us as we hopefully expand onto more platforms and increase our reach and improve our production values across the board.MAIN PLACE TO FIND US EACH WEEK ON SATURDAY--LATE--IS WEAVING SPIDERS WELCOME CONSPIRACY SYMPOSIUM! CLICK THIS TEXT TO JUMP TO THE CHANNEL!Please add your name and personal email below so we can zap you MESSAGES and keep you up to date on other 'happenings' with our little homunculus:"Rx Only PICTURSHOW!"RIP TRACY R TWYMAN--GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN--IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER--THE GREATEST OCCULT RESEARCHER AND CREATOR OF MEMES TO EVER GRACE US WITH HER PRESCENCE--SEE YOU IN HEAVEN WHEN WE GET THERE TRACY!

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